Mastering the Process of
Sales Achievement

Setting the stage for your next 5 years of growth

The next 18 months of sales performance may very well set the stage – and trajectory – for the next five years of business growth for your company.

Now’s the time for our sales professionals to truly update and improve their skills. And also learn how to gain leverage for improving sales performance – and service delivery — on every level.

At a recent manufacturing trade association trade show I heard the association presidents say,
“I’ve never seen the indicators look so good. And now’s the time for all of you to really pick up the pace, to really perform!”

Everyone in the room felt the energy of that statement, including myself. But if you try to work harder without examining and improving your approach, your efforts will not be sustainable. And if you don’t have a process for gaining leverage to improve your current skills and integrate new skills, working harder will just wear you out with little progress to show for it.

And that’s what this Sales Achievement Workshop is all about:
Helping sales professionals…

  • Work smarter rather than harder… for real.
  • Improve their “sales velocity.”
  • Shorten their sales cycle.
  • Improve their closing rate.
  • Increase the value of each deal/sale.
  • Communicate by asking relevant questions AND really listen to what the client values.
    Aid the client in discovering the gap between their current situation and their desired result.
  • Generate leverage for driving efficient strategic thinking, innovative action plans, implementation of new best practice, along with sustainable energy for following-through to produce improved results.

That’s a lot, isn’t it?!

A commitment-based / question-based selling process

These results are all based on learning and implementing a “commitment-based / question-based selling process,” ALONG WITH a modern awareness of how to use a new method of “goal structuring” to generate leverage & sustainable energy.

I deliver a productive and inspiring keynote speech on “goal structuring & sales achievement” for sales professionals that presents a repeatable sales achievement method that always produces great results for those who use it. This is what we call the Delta Method.

I’ve developed this method over a 15-year period of research and application.

It’s based on “understanding and mastering the use of the creative process.” And also understanding how to communicate effectively by asking important relevant questions, that allow you to truly listen to what the client values.

Communicating value to the client becomes much more effective when you express specific value to them in the terms they have been stimulated to consider and define.

(In addition to it’s productive application for sales achievement, your meeting attendees can actually use this Delta Method approach to substantially improve any aspect of their enterprise.)

In my “Sales Development Workshop” I take sales professionals through a hands-on experience of learning this powerful Delta Method “goal structuring,” along with the valuable principles of “commitment-based / question-based selling.” Time permitting, we also cover a set of strategies my marketing director calls “sales velocity.” Those strategies will impact your sales success very quickly.

My Goal

My goal is to contribute energy, laughter, and truly valuable information at your event, to help you make the event itself a truly exciting and productive experience for your attendees. AND to engage your attendees in an upbeat learning experience at the event (and through follow-up training videos), that will help them improve their capacity to create desired results.

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